Coaching Options to Serve You

Coaching requirements differ based on the individual leader, the situation, and the organization. Therefore all coaching packages are tailored and are built collaboratively. Here are some starting points:

  • Leadership Development – is best supported by meeting regularly, for a sustained period of time, and using phone and email to maximize the opportunities presented in the workplace. The structure of this coaching opportunity is marked by four phases: assessment, contracting, development and evaluation.
  • Just-in-Time Coaching – is ideal for brief, targeted and situation-specific purposes, including debriefing feedback, crisis management and ethical problem solving. Not all situations – or all budgets – call for an extended contract. Where objective and arms-length consultation is called for, Just-in-Time Coaching is designed to respond to the need.
  • Resolution Circles – this is a present-day adaptation of a model with ancient roots. The circle process of conflict resolution makes difficult conversations manageable. Where there is tension or disruption, a facilitated and flexibly structured circle environment fosters the capacities of speaking honestly and listening openly, building trust and restoring harmony.
  • Leaders’ Group – designed to leverage the collective wisdom of its members, these small, collaborative “ensembles” benefit from being participant rich and coach-led, with content directly applicable to the shared work environment. Isolation is reduced, expertise shared and mentoring skills enhanced.