About Me


In a nutshell, my approach to leadership coaching is this: if we tend to our relationships, leadership issues fall into place. The concept is simple; the living of it can be a bit more complicated. That is why coaching is so powerful: it too involves a relationship – a potent tool for solving workplace issues and growing leadership skills.

In over 8,500 hours of working with individuals and groups, I have observed that people universally strive for authentic responses to their relationship challenges. Fear of conflict, lack of confidence, sometimes lack of awareness can all become blocks to that striving. Clearing those blocks is the task of coaching so that the leader’s innate wisdom, personal style and best self can be activated, supported and sustained.

Like all good ideas, coaching can leave little to mark its passing unless the coach herself embodies the skills and values of success. I’m committed to:

  • An open and collaborative professional alliance
  • Deep attunement to who the leader is in the context of his or her environment
  • Working toward measurable results     

My qualifications for this role include 24 years of experience, and a history of training (in depth and breadth) which includes George Brown College, The Toronto Institute of Human Relations, and The Leaders’ Coach.

In the days before coaching I had a career in sales and marketing, both as an account executive and manager. Over the course of 15 years I learned firsthand what supports and what discourages; about the importance of personal power with integrity; and the role of values and spirit in achieving success. I can only imagine what my considerable success would have been with the assistance of a coach!

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