Building relationships at work, that work…with Leadership Coaching

At the core of all businesses are people in relationship – to clients and colleagues, to services and products, and to themselves. This makes relationships both foundational to success and a reflection of leadership values, talents and skills.

Coaching, too, is a relationship: one with an ally who assists in the leader’s professional development. Coaching respects the individual’s personality and learning style, while concurrently responding to organizational goals; it optimizes real time, day-to-day experiences as the spring board to new knowledge and new application. It does this with the fluidity necessary for an individualized process, guided by a tested and structured model of success.

Leadership coaching from a relational perspective clears the blocks which impede thriving. Whether the challenge arises from a new position, organizational changes, or disruptions within the team, leaders with the skills of relational intelligence are those who:

  •      Build creative, ethical and collaborative teams
  •    Readily respond to opportunities
  •    Engender loyalty and trust

These leaders have the capacity to:

  •      Activate their personal power and do so with integrity
  •    Know themselves and understand their impact on others
  •    Accurately read and respond to interpersonal dynamics

With this integration the leader internalizes his or her own coaching function,  while also enhancing mentoring skills. The result? All members of the team benefit. The potential for long-term growth and stability for the company and the leader is considerable, synergistic and mutually advantageous.

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